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Observing a great deal of ants around your property or perhaps inside your house? It might be time to hire an expert for the relief you desire, year-round.

Ants in Los Angeles, California

It can also be quite difficult to control an ant invasion which the majority of us are most likely already familiar with from experiencing an ant issue at some time. Nevertheless, if you actually understand ants more, your chance of battling them and keeping them away for good will be far higher.

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Ant Invasion – Where Are They Coming From?

You’re most likely trying to find out exactly where or just how the ants are getting inside your house. They do not need a huge space to get through; any little cracks surrounding the home are potential entry points. Once they discover their way inside they will certainly look for food, specifically sweet or greasy, therefore they often wind up in the cooking area or other areas where food is ready or kept.

Luckily, the majority of the time their nests are located outside, however they will continue invading as long as their supply of food remains. However, there are still certain species that will build their nest somewhere inside that you cannot easily see or find.

If ants have invaded your home you’ll likely notice them near their food sources. This might be under the appliances, behind the window frames, in wall voids or even under your floors.

It can be very difficult to figure out where the ants are coming from or if they have a nest built inside your home and the treatment will depend on the species. For these reasons we advise you to call our expert pest technicians and let us help you battle the unwanted ants in your property.

Los Angeles Ants and Their Scent Trails

In the event you don’t already know, ants will leave ‘scent tracks’ as they explore. These tracks are an invisible chemical so that other ants can follow along the path as well. Once they reach a source of food they’ll then reverse and follow the trail to the other ants. If you have a good number of ants invading your space at once you’ll likely notice the pattern in which they travel and possibly where they’re coming from in that particular area.

Los Angeles Ant Colonies and Nests

Ants are not very fussy about exactly where their home is developed, so long as it cannot be easily disturbed. Ant nests are typically very large; we’re talking between 250,000 to as many as 500,000 ants in a colony. If they sense a danger is upon them they can fairly rapidly and effortlessly relocate. The workers can survive up to seven years while queens can live up to 15 years.

Do It Yourself Treatments for Ants

If you already have ants attacking your space you have most likely been making use of an over the counter product or possibly you have taken a more ‘natural’ strategy to fighting the unwanted pests. Nevertheless, these aren’t always efficient and you may not be making use of the proper treatment for the kind of ant in your home.

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