Premier Los Angeles Pest Control Services

We provide a wide variety of treatments to help control and eliminate termites and the many common pests throughout the Los Angeles CA area. We hope that you will call us if you’re in need of quality, reliable and effective professional pest control services for your home or business.

Ant Control – Different ant species can cause different problems and damage to a structure or property. Our experienced technicians can inspect your property and determine the kind(s) of ants in order to provide the most effective treatment.

Bee Control & Removal – We can help if you have bees, wasps, yellow jackets or other stinging insects on your property. Our bee removal and stinging insect control solutions can help you get the relief you desire from these unwanted pests.

Bed Bug Control – You will likely experience more frustration than anything if you discover bed bugs on your property. These little pests can be very difficult to get rid of which you are already likely aware of. Luckily, we have the solutions you need to get relief from bed bugs.

Beetle Control – The kind of beetle invading your space will determine the best course of action for treating and eliminating them from your property. Not all beetles are harmful and those that are won’t harm humans but rather the property and furnishings.

Commercial Pest Control – Maintain your positive brand and reputation with our pest maintenance solutions for commercial properties. We can help you control any existing pest issues and keep your property protected against pests for the long-term future. Call us to learn more.

Cockroach Control – Cockroaches can carry and spread many diseases which can be very toxic for people when their property is invaded. Call us if you have roaches in your home or business or are looking to protect against them.

Earwig Control – Earwigs are harmless pests but that doesn’t make them any more desirable to share your home with. We have the effective solutions to eliminate the earwigs on your property.

Flea Control – Fleas can be a frustrating pest because if they infest a property it can take a bit of time to completely eliminate them. They can spread quickly and if you have pets, the problem could worsen even faster. Our flea control treatments will do the trick!

Fly Control – Noticing a lot of flies in your home or business? We can help control the fly population in your home or business; call (310) 651-7636 today.

Hornet Control – Hornets are not a pest to be taken lightly and should never be approached unless by a professional exterminator. Let us help you get rid of the hornets on your property.

Mice Control – Mice will breed quickly once they have set up a home inside your property. They will also leave their fecal matter everywhere and contaminate everything they touch. Our mice control solutions are effective and reliable so call us today to learn more.

Millipede Control – You won’t find a poisonous millipede but you might notice a foul odor coming from one. This is their defense mechanism and they can spray it up to several inches away. If it contacts your skin you might experience irritation.

Mosquito Control – Mosquitoes are painful pests and is why nobody is fond of this particular annoying pest. Unfortunately, they aren’t easy to get rid of but our expert exterminators can help lessen the population on your property and provide tips for preventing an increase in population.

Rat Control – Rats, like mice, can be damaging and gross pests to have. For businesses they can be very detrimental and for homes, they can be just as much of a nuisance. Our rat control solutions will help you get the relief you want.

Residential Pest Control – Your home is an important investment and you want to protect your family and pets from harmful pests. Our residential pest solutions are designed to battle the most common LA pests and help you protect you property from future invasions.

Silverfish Control – Silverfish aren’t harmful to humans but they can be damaging to paper products and linens. Their name is fitting to their appearance and they can survive for a long time without any food.

Spider Control – Do you hate spiders? Many people are not fond of spiders and while they’re appearance may sometimes be intimidating, they serve a beneficial purpose by eating other insects in your home. Regardless, if you need help getting rid of them, we have the solution.

Stink Bug Control – Stink bugs are no stranger to the Los Angeles area and you’ve likely already seen your share of these particular pests. If they’re taking over your home it’s time to call on the professionals.

Tick Control – Ticks are not an enjoyable pest to have. They can bite you and they can also quickly infest a yard or property. If you have pets you are at higher risk for developing a tick problem. Prevention is key; give us a call!

Wasp Control – Wasp stings are very painful but one of the lesser feared stinging insects around the LA area. If you notice wasp nests on the eaves of your home, or outbuildings, or anywhere else on your property, give us a call for effective removal and treatment.

If you’re having a problem with another pest that you don’t see listed here we encourage you to call us at (310) 651-7636. Chances are, we can still help and if we can’t we likely know who can. Have questions? We’re here to answer them; call us today!