Los Angeles Tick Control & Prevention

Depending on the kind, ticks can be a variety of colors and belong to the Family lxodidae. The common size of a tick is 1 centimeter long for adults and larvae under 1 millimeter long. The normal types of ticks in Los Angeles and bordering locations include the American dog tick, deer tick, and the blacklegged tick.

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Pets are not a requirement when it comes to acquiring tick problems.

The landscape of your property will likely depict just about any possible tick difficulties; it really is common to come across them invading lawns and properties next to thick wooded areas or substantially vegetated locations. Certain tick kinds are unable to live without moisture content and both males and females need the blood of reptiles, mammals and birds as a meal source.

Ticks experience a four-stage life cycle – (1) egg, (2) larvae, (3) nymph and (4) adult. They start with six legs while larvae and have 8 legs throughout the final phases. In spite of the life cycle stage, they require blood to stay alive. Various bacteria and pathogens may cause illnesses and given to a host or infected animal.

Los Angeles Tick Infestation Indications

You’ll know if ticks are infiltrating your place when you start observing them. Families who have household pets are usually at higher risk for a tick intrusion. In addition, in some cases people that have a tick bite may have unwanted symptoms and need to visit a physician for treatment suggestions, if any are needed.

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