Bees in Los Angeles

They can be discovered just about everywhere people are aside from incredibly cold regions. Surprisingly, there are actually bumblebees that live in the cooler areas of the far north and in the mountains.

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They look for a variety of homes, depending upon the species. There are lots of solitary type and there are also some social ones. Some will certainly burrow in the ground and others will look for hollow wood or a home’s walls to create their nest.

They enter houses when a hive splits and they are in search of a new home. There are lots of desirable areas of your home for them including wall voids and chimney tooth cavities.

Why Do I Have Bees?

Most likely it is a bit of bad luck as they are quite random in selecting nest sites. Nevertheless, they enjoy locations that receive a lot of sun in the morning. They do not require large entry points to produce a nest. For example, a small hole on a tree produces a great location for them to develop a nest. In addition, they might have already been common on your property and you simply were not informed. There might be a hive somewhere nearby that was not previously completely eradicated.

Determine Bees on Your Property

You can determine a real honey bee by noticing if it is fuzzy (real ones are very fuzzy), how many wings it has (real ones have 4) and it should have straight antennae and be a length of around 3/4 inches. When you notice a very large it is most likely a carpenter one. The smaller sized  are generally solitary and non-social.

The primary danger from them is their stinging capability. A variety of protein contaminants, enzymes and biogenic amines are found in their venom. However, the results of a sting are not caused by the venom’s alkalinity or acidity, but simply the toxicity of that certain poison. Their stings are not typically deadly to a person and require a significant variety of stings to trigger death, but an individual who is allergic might quickly be eliminated with simply one sting.

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