Wasp Control & Nest Removal in LA

Los Angeles hosts a large number of pests, including the not so welcome wasp. The appearance of a wasp depends on the kind it is but most have two pairs of wings and squeezed waists.

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Much like bees, a number of wasps are social and live in colonies, made up of anywhere from hundreds to 1000s of wasps. Females are accountable for chores inside the nest and care for the eggs. Solitary wasps won’t need to have a colony as they prefer to live by themselves and also lay offspring, however they don’t stay with the eggs in the meantime.

You will find both parasitic and predatory wasps in the Los Angeles area. Predatory wasps are not always a bad pest as they will prey on other pests in close proximity so that they can give food to their larvae. Parasitic wasps can lay eggs in a spider or caterpillar to be sure the larvae may easily feast upon the living host.

You have most likely come across hostile wasps, however not all the wasps are like this. Having said that, wasps have the capability to sting repeatedly; not just one time if provoked. Wasps happen to be a benefit for the environment with regard to their act of preying on many other pesky insects that destroy landscape plants and crops.

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